The project itself can be broken down into 3 significant parts:

1. Analysis of the problem given in the brief.

2. Analysis of existing artifacts.

3. Design and modelling of modification/concept.

These 3 elements can be further broken down into 9 assignment outputs.


Output 1: Exploration of the brief and the presentation of existing artefacts.

Output 2: Selecting of two images and illustration of the main design features. Inserting the main dimensions. Comparing and contrasting the main design features of both using suitable freehand sketches and presentation sketches.

Output 3: Choosing one of the artefacts and making a detailed graphical presentation of the chosen artefact. This should include a rendered 3D freehand presentation quality drawing.

Outputs 4 & 5: Generating a detailed computer model comprising of at least 5 parts at Higher Level and 3 parts at Ordinary Level. Economy of design and design intent will be considered in the marking of the assignment.


  • Detailed orthographic views.
  • A pictorial which has been coloured and with textures applied.
  • An exploded view.

Output 6: Production of a photorealistic computer generated view of the artefact.

Output 7: Analysis of the brief and an illustration of the progression of ideas and solutions.

Output 8: CAD Model and associated outputs.

Output 9: 3D rendered sketch depicting the modifications/concept design.
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