There are many ways to customise the DS SolidWorks interface to your liking. Four such options that allow you to create a template for the parts document are:



View toolbar

Modelling Material

By exploring these functions you will be able to set up multiple templates to suit any and all types of requirement from DS SolidWorks.

Once your template is ready there some point very important points to keep in mind before using the template to make  part.

1. When saving your document always save it as a template.

2. Once the template has been saved ALWAYS exit out of the part.

3. Finally, map the file location. This is done by: 

a. Going into "options".

b. Select "file location".

c. Click "add".

d. Browse for the template folder.

 e. Click "ok" and "ok" again.

4. To open the new template:

a. select new document.

b. In the document type screen go into advanced.

c. All mapped folders appear here.

d. Select your template.

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