With the evermore increasing shift of Ireland, both economically and socially, out of agriculture and into the technological, science and financial sectors, it has become more important than ever for these changes to be present in the classroom thus affording students the opportunity to be properly experienced in such areas of expertise. The new  DCG syllabus (a copy of which can be found below) appreciates these needs and makes a wealth of new information and experiences accesible to the modern student.                                                                                                                                                                          

The DCG Student Assignment is one way in which this has been achieved. By combining this new feature with the old system, more variety has been granted to an already well established subject. As well as creating and building upon the guiding principles of visualisation, descriptive geometry and engineering drafting through the use of traditional 2D representations, new elements such as Information Communication Technologies, Design and, Product Modelling have been added to make this a truely versatile subject giving students the opportunity to have a solid foundation in many areas of work and expertise.

With 40% of the overall grade being allocated to the Student Assignment, it shows how important this task is to any student sitting the Leaving Cert exam.

The project itself tasks the student with designing either a modification of an existing artefact or creating entirely origional idea based on a design breif and modelling it using a 3D CAD system; usually the latest edition of DS SolidWorks.

Provided below are two Student Assignment Briefs. Analysing these briefs is the best way to understand the requirements of the student.

A download link has been provided for visitors without a PDF Reader.

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DCGBrief2010.pdf DCGBrief2010.pdf
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DCGSyllabus.pdf DCGSyllabus.pdf
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DCGPilotBrief.pdf DCGPilotBrief.pdf
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DCGMarkingScheme2009.pdf DCGMarkingScheme2009.pdf
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