Exercise 1: Negative Space Sketching

Some people have difficulty drawing objects, but that can be overcome by trying various sketching and visualisation techniques, such as negative space sketching. Figure 2.17 shows an example of a positive space and a negative space sketch of a cut-block. The positive space sketch has the positive space shaded, that is, the object itself is shaded and thhe surrounding area is not (Figure 2.17A). The negative space sketch has the space outside of the object shaded and not the object itself (Figure 2.17B).

For negative space sketching, you concentrate on the spaces between or around the object and not the object itself. In other words, you concentrate on the geometry of the object, such as lines, curves, angles, tangencies, and not the names of the object, such as handle, hole, base, cube, leg.

Step by Step: Making a Negative Space Sketch

For this exercise, you are to create a negative space sketch of the object shown in Figure 2.17.

Step 1 Use a plain sheet of white paper and begin by sketching the box surrounding the object.

Step 2 Sketch over the top of the negative spaces in the figure to reinforce that you are going to be sketching the negative spaces and not the object itself.

Step 3 Focus on one of the outlined negative spaces just created in step 2 until you can visualise the negative space.

Step 4 Now begin sketching the negative space form on your sheet of paper. Concentrate on drawing lines and curves by determining the angles, lentghs, tangencies, and other geometric characteristics.

Step 5 Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all the negative space has been created.

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