When designing it is esstential to look at a product from the perspective of the end user as they will be the ones who purchase and work with the end product. Observing this, it can be said that the basic role of a designer is to analyse a problem or requirement of the end user and to find a solution that will satisfy all those that it will affect. This would all need to be done in a practical, timely and financially sound manner. A successful design must not only solve the problem, but meet the needs and wishes of the customer. Products must also meet government standards/regulations and adhere to the standards or codes of professional organisations.

This system of thinking applies to all designed products (which is essentially every item we use in our daily lives) no matter how big or how small they may be. Take a pen for example. It is a simple cylindrical tube filled with ink placed in a larger tubular shell which acts as a means to faciliate both use and protection. The individual components themselves may not seem very difficult to design but the production tools and dies needed to create it can require considerable engineering and design effort.

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