A set of well ordered and labelled soft copy (electronic) files are critical to maintain good housekeeping of your project as well as documenting all information. This becomes especially critical when your project is being handed up as it must be presened in a format so the examiner can navigate the files with ease.

The following is the recommendation of the T4 Technology Subjects Support Service given in their guide to the student assignment.

Electronic Data

The following approach to file management is suggested:

  • A new folder must be created within your student profile to store all electronic materials for the assignment.This folder should be named "DCG S.A. 2008 Exam Number" for example.
  • All work relating to the assignment must be saved to this folder. This will ensure that all work can be saved onto a CD for submission to SEC.
  • Sub folders should be created to manage files efficiently, an example is shown below left.
  • Two sub-folders should be created within the 'Solidworks Files' folder;
      • A folder for Part (a) of the assignment
      • A folder for Part (b) of the assignment
  • Upon nearing completion of the assignment the folder "Complete Student Assignment" should be created with subfolders for the Scanned Assignment and the neccessary SolidWorks files.

Note: The SolidWorks files and the completed assignment in electronic format will be required on the CD for the submission to the SEC along with the assignment folio in hardcopy format.

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