CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) software has been on the rise within the design, engineering, manufacturing, etc. industries for well over a decade. In fact, considering how widely established and used CAD programs are, the Department of Educations move to introduce CAD technologies as a topic within the new Design and Communication Graphics syllabus a few years ago can be seen as very late in coming.

CAD essentially creates items using a system of Parametric modelling. These "items" can then be assembled, printed as 2D drawings, rapid prototyped and even tested using real world physics such as gravity or tension and compression, temperature variations and so on.

To the left of the page are links which will bring you to video tutorials covering some, but not all of, the basics of the DS SolidWorks program. These videos aren't intended to give you direct answers for use in your assignment but are instead there to give you an idea of how they individually work and to also show the near limitless possibilities of the program.

All videos shown depict the DS SolidWorks 2009 SP3.0 Student Design Kit.

If you do not have solidworks installed on your computer the following link offers a free download which will allow you to view the 3d models of the sample projects on this site. 

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