"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination."
   Albert Einstein
"I am still learning."
"Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people."
   Leo Burnett

No matter where in the world a person is from; whether it be France, Japan or Sierra Leone everyone can and should be able to use technical drawings to communicate their ideas. Representation of ideas through a graphical medium is considered by many to be a language unto itself making technical graphics a truely international method of communication.

As such while Design is mainly the process of concieving and inventing items and ideas mentally, it is through technical graphics that we communicate these ideas to others, making technical graphics and design vital processes to each other.  

The following sections, whose links are located to the left of this page, will provide a breakdown of the brief given for the DCG Student Assignment from the point of view of Design, as well as systems of design used by profesional designers, design considerations and helpful advice when assessing your chosen artifacts from a design perspective.

Keep in mind that while the aim of this website is to provide advice on approaching the DCG assignment, the material provided in this section is taken in the context of the professional design industry. So while some the material may not be directly relevent to how you approach the project it does 


Objectives of design section:

  1. To provide the reader with information of commonly held professional design practices as well as methods aimed specifically towards the secondary school pupil using various published sources.
  2. To foster in students an appreciation and respect for the practices of design as well as its role in the modern world.
  3. To provide a dependable resource for students faced with the Design & Communication Graphics Assignment.    


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