Many considerations have to be made in any design process as the smallest variation can have an overwhelming effect on the appearnce, performance and longevity of any product. The following are just a few factors which need to be kept in mind.


Plan the assembly of the product well into the early stages; Ideation or Compromise Solutions stages perhaps. Does the assembly need to be permanent such as a weld or can it be a simple screw? Planning the type of assembly determines access to the joint 


The choice of materials is one the most important design considerations need to be made. No one material has all the properties needed for a product. As such the requirements of the product, the stresses it will undergo, the atmosphere it will operate in will all have to be considered. Once these operating conditions have been assessed the appropriate materials can be sourced and tested in prototypes.

End user

Always take into account the needs and wants of the end user; not your own. After all, they'll be the people who use your design in the end. As a result it's very important to find out what they require very early on in the design stages as it will help you to start the first design concepts.


Anthropometrics are the standard measurements of the average human body. Anthropometrics measures everything from the average distance from wrist to elbow, to length between knuckles. These measurements are then further devided between male and female as well as age.

Anthropometrics are easpecially important when designing anything that has to suit the human frame. 

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