Welcome to DCG Assignment

First of all, welcome to www.dcgassignment.yolasite.com

This site is aimmed at pupils undertaking the relatively new Design & Communication Graphics Student Assignment, which gives pupils the option of designing either a modification to an existing product or creating a new concept of their own. Either way this assignment:

"is intended to engage students in the creative activity associated with design and the variety of elements involved in communication of design"
-Design and Communication Graphics syllabus

The assignment itself is worth 40% of the total marks, making it quite a substantial part of the exam process and while it is a much welcomed addition that was despretely needed (in order to keep our education system up to date as well as promoting elements of continuous assessment within second level education) it does have the disadvantage of not having the resource pool of its drawing exam counter-part.
The background of this site is to provide some of these missing resources in the areas of design, freehand sketching and CAD software, the three skill-sets that make up the cornerstones of the assignment.
 Good luck in your work.

About this Site 

This website was created as a Final Year Project in the University of Limerick as part of the B.Tech Ed course in Materials and Construction Technology.

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